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October 4th 2014

"There’s no place like space"

This month we pay tribute to that big guy in the sky, the beacon of the night, our pal, the moon. This is the fourth and final postcard in a series printed on black paper with white and metallic silver inks.

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Market Collective — This Weekend

September 5th 2014

If you’re going to be in Calgary this weekend, you should definitely check out Market Collective’s 6-Year Anniversary Event. Post Club will be present with postcards, Reveille enamelware mugs, and other odds and ends. More info here.




Use Yer Hands

August 27th 2014

Our 25th issue is here! An ode to making things with your hands, this postcard is packed full of all the hardware you’d ever need to build a bookshelf, fix your bike, or design and assemble your own chair. This issue is printed in white and metallic silver on a beautiful black paper stock by French Paper Company. 

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August 7th 2014


My first “serious” camera was a Pentax Spotmatic on perpetual loan from my dad. This was the very camera I learned all about photography on, and it still sits on the bookshelf in my studio. My dad used it for over 30 years—shooting long-exposure shots of the night sky, snowmobile adventures with his buddies, nature, his family, and so much more which can only be unearthed via great ambition and patience of sifting through boxes and boxes of slides.

Nowadays, hardly anyone shoots with this style of camera. In fact, hardly anyone shoots using anything but a smartphone—myself included. Despite my best efforts, it’s just the most convenient way. 

One of the greats, Yousuf Karsh once said:

"Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it."

This quote has particular depth if you are familiar with Karsh’s work, and his Hemingway portrait sums it up beautifully:


One more thing about the camera: The Spotmatic was the subject of one of Todd McLellan’s beautiful exploded images. He painstakingly disassembles complex items and organizes the parts in a beautiful way. Here’s the inside of the Spotmatic: 


The thing about film is that it requires patience. You have to take time to line up your shot, to get the exposure right, to level your horizon—otherwise it’s a waste of expensive film. Digital affords us the luxury to act quickly, fire off multiple shots, and easily fix things afterwards—yet I can’t help but feel that something is lost.

I saw that London Drugs still offers 1 hour film processing. Maybe I’ll load up the Spotmatic and head out to shoot a roll.




Espresso Time

June 29th 2014


This month’s issue is a is a tribute to one of the greatest simple pleasures in the world. Coffee. As David Letterman brilliantly said:

"If it weren’t for coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever."

Coffee wakes us up in the morning, warms us up, and brings us together. We printed the postcard on black paper using white and metallic silver inks, really making that stovetop espresso maker shine.


If you’re into coffee (of beverages in general), you might be interested in the enamelware mugs I just released, available at

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