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Here we go!

July 24th 2012

We’ve been given the go-ahead by thanks to a successful campaign on IndieGoGo. Thanks to everyone for their support!

There are still a few days left to contribute to the campaign and pre-order subscriptions, notebooks, and tshirts. As of right now, you are able to order a subscription the real way in the Post Club shop. However, we won’t be stocking tshirts, so if you want one, you best get over to the IndieGoGo page and get your order in!

The cards are being printed as we speak, and should be in your hands around mid-August. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this!

Other than that - welcome to the new site. It’s going to grow as we go. Also, if you’ll notice, this site will also shrink! Don’t be shy, go ahead and resize your browser window. That’s what we call a responsive website, so you can have the best experience no matter what kind of device you’re viewing it on. Yep, it’s some pretty nerdy stuff, but it took a long time to make and we’re dang proud of it.

Stay tuned for the first Post Club card (aka, the mystery card) to be revealed! We’ll show it off to the world once they’ve been received by subscribers. Otherwise, what’s the fun in that?



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